Ruby on Rails ~ Web Developer
 +30 6909370049

I'm a truly dynamic individual currently seeking for challenging opportunities.

Although I am not experienced in the industrial field of Computer Science I am willing on doing as many hours as the job may require. I have great demands for myself and I do not like to disappoint others.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript (coffeescript, jquery, etc...)
  • Ajax & SQL Databases

 Web Developer
 as freelancer

  •  Ruby on Rails web applications
  •  Frontend Development
  •  E-commerce applications in Magento
  •  CMS-ready websites in Wordpress
2013 - 2014

 Computer Science
 University of Crete
  •  Implementation of compiler for object-oriented programming language ALPHA (subset of P.L. DELTA) in C
  •  TCP server/client working on raw sockets in C
  •  TCP server/client in Java using Socket programming libraries.
  •  Brick Breaker (arcade game) in Java
  •  Database systems using SQL
  •  Implementation of a user-friendly interface according Human-Computer Interaction rules
  •  Implementation of Backgammon (player vs computer) with AI in Prolog
  •  Chess AI development in Java
  •  Java Servlets on Apache Server, babybook(a facebook clone)

 Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails
 Tealeaf Academy
  •  Introduction to relational database
  •  ActiveRecord
  •  REST
  •  Building APIs
  •  Creating and publishing my first rubygem
  •  MVC - models, views and controllers
  •  Resourceful routing and more...

I am available for short-term contract and freelance work, so go on... hire me!

  •  +30 6909370049
  •  Thessaloniki, Greece
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